How to Be a Better LoL Player: Climbing Up the Ranks

One of the most frustrating things for a LoL player is to get stuck in a particular division. If you’ve been playing ranked games for more than a few weeks, you’ve probably heard terms like “Elo hell” and “hardstuck” – hell, you could even be one of them! Whether you’re new to the game or … Continued

LoL Patch Updates – Our Rundown on Patch 9.23

Patch 9.23 marks the start of the pre-season for 2020 and the arrival of the Rise of the Elements update for Summoner’s Rift. Which changes or additions are worth checking out? Here’s our rundown on the latest changes to the game! Elemental Rifts This patch introduces the concept of elemental rifts. Over time, the map … Continued

What You Can Learn By Watching Pros Play Mortal Kombat

Many people group fighting games into the category of mindless button-mashers, but they couldn’t be farther from the truth. I was once one of the people who doubted the hype. I realized how wrong I was Games like Mortal Kombat is more like chess than checkers, featuring different play styles, strategies, and metas. The coordination, … Continued

Diablo 4 Release Date and Official Trailers

8 years after Diablo III’s original release players are now looking forward to Diablo IV and what’s coming with it. If you’re one of those players, but you’re not quite up to date with the info we have on Diablo IV, look no further. Here we have the Cinematic trailers, gameplay and release date you … Continued

How to Stop Tilting in Games

You’ve finally arrived home after a long day at work, ready to spend your evening relaxing with a gaming sesh. You fire up the League client, jump straight into a ranked game and happily type GL HF. Yet before you’ve even made it to lane, you hear the ear-shattering words “ENEMY TEAM, DOUBLE KILL”, followed by … Continued

Bringing ADC’s to Other Lanes

ADC isn’t in the best place if you’re a solo queue player. The 30 health Riot bestowed upon us helped, but in the end, we’re still too far behind in levels and end up being munched by the Jungler or Midlaner when they decide to visit us. So, if you’re an ADC player through and … Continued

Best Gaming Monitors For Valorant

Valorant is the talk of the town, the latest sensation in the esports community.  Experts have predicted that Valorant will take over the professional esports scene, thanks to the addictive gameplay formula and Riot Games’ expert vision. It’s safe to say that Valorant is going to be around for a few years, so investing in … Continued

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – DLC

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is not a joke and it is certainly one of the best, if not the best fighting game for Nintendo consoles. On June 22 Nintendo revealed the newest Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character/fighter named Min Min. If you are curious to know about all of the new things coming with … Continued

10.13 League Of Legends Patch Changes

We are finally halfway through the 2020 League Of Legends patching cycle. Patch 10.12 was released on Wednesday, June 10th and we already have patch 10.13 available for testing on the PBE servers. It does not matter which of the champions is your main and what are your main roles, knowing about the updates is … Continued

How To Improve Your Aim In Valorant

If you are willing to actually better your win rate in Valorant and you wish to drastically make your gameplay experience much better, having a good aim will be one of the most crucial things you will want to focus on. Before anything, it is essential to note that Valorant is an amazing first-person shooter … Continued

All Valorant Weapons Rated from Good to Bad

Valorant lets you use any of the seventeen guns in the game, provided you have the cash to buy it. Because of that, you should save up your cash and use it only for guns that will be well worth the purchase. Check out our rundown on which ones are considered good and which ones … Continued

What to Expect from Valorant over the Next Few Weeks

There’s already plenty of info about Valorant so it’s safe to say that players are already hyped out about Riot’s latest tactical FPS. When the game goes into open beta (and official launch), you have to expect a few things from the game. This way, you’ll have an easier time adapting to the game and … Continued