Diablo IV: Everything We Know

Diablo IV was announced at Blizzcon 2019, and though they let us know that it was in the early stages of development, it’s still came with a trailer and a million rumors as to how the game was going to work.  Since then, the developers of Diablo IV have provided frequent updates to the game … Continued

Diablo IV: The Classes We Know

Blizzard hasn’t announced all of the classes that are coming with Diablo IV, but we do know three of them and that only one of those three is one of the classes that players fell in love with during Diablo III.  With gameplay trailers and abilities for all of the classes, there is a lot … Continued

The Story of Diablo

As Diablo IV is coming and there are important story threads that will be continued after the climactic conclusion of Diablo III. If Diablo IV is going to be your first game in the series then this guide will make sure you enjoy the epic story as much as you can. If you’re a series … Continued

Diablo 4 Release Date and Official Trailers

8 years after Diablo III’s original release players are now looking forward to Diablo IV and what’s coming with it. If you’re one of those players, but you’re not quite up to date with the info we have on Diablo IV, look no further. Here we have the Cinematic trailers, gameplay and release date you … Continued

Bringing ADC’s to Other Lanes

ADC isn’t in the best place if you’re a solo queue player. The 30 health Riot bestowed upon us helped, but in the end, we’re still too far behind in levels and end up being munched by the Jungler or Midlaner when they decide to visit us. So, if you’re an ADC player through and … Continued