Super Smash Bros Ultimate – DLC

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is not a joke and it is certainly one of the best, if not the best fighting game for Nintendo consoles. On June 22 Nintendo revealed the newest Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character/fighter named Min Min. If you are curious to know about all of the new things coming with … Continued

10.13 League Of Legends Patch Changes

We are finally halfway through the 2020 League Of Legends patching cycle. Patch 10.12 was released on Wednesday, June 10th and we already have patch 10.13 available for testing on the PBE servers. It does not matter which of the champions is your main and what are your main roles, knowing about the updates is … Continued

How To Improve Your Aim In Valorant

If you are willing to actually better your win rate in Valorant and you wish to drastically make your gameplay experience much better, having a good aim will be one of the most crucial things you will want to focus on. Before anything, it is essential to note that Valorant is an amazing first-person shooter … Continued