How to climb in League of Legends for Beginners

League of Legends is a fast-paced competitive MOBA where two teams of powerful champions, each with unique skills, abilities and play styles battle each other on a variety of different maps. In this article, we’re going to be talking specifically about Solo Queue in Ranked 5v5 and how a LoL Tier List like ours, can assist you in climbing to raise your rank.

Attitude in the game

Winning League of Legends games, at the end of the day, is heavily reliant on your attitude in the game. A few examples that are heavily influenced by your attitude are:

  • Teamwork
  • Focus
  • Kindness towards other players

Your attitude towards the game will help you think clearly and understand what move to make next when something good or bad happens…

Playing League of Legends, like any other game can be frustrating at times and you can get angry, often referred to as “Tilting”. When things aren’t going so well or you’re not feeling 100% positive, maybe you should give the game a rest for a while. Going into a game without the best mindset is already setting you back quite a lot. If only a 15-minute break, do it. Go walk your dog, have a sandwich or do a little breathing practice to calm yourself down!


It’s also important (otherwise we wouldn’t mention it), to set your expectations realistically! is a website made from statistics and we know, for a fact, that you’re not going to win every game. What fun would it be if you actually did, right? When you put in maximum effort, you’ll get maximum results and if you belong in Silver, then so be it. The only way to find out, however, that you don’t belong in Bronze V, is to set your head straight, focus, work together and win.


We asked a few different players what they do to prepare to play an important ranked 5v5 match, for example, a game to get you into Gold or Platinum or Diamond if you’re that good. There has often been mention of using league of legends websites like: – to know who to pick for solo queue 5v5, the tier list for the latest patch that will set you up with your character, who to ban, how to play and build the champ and which runes to select – for your own statistics – to see what the professionals pick and build – to get different types of statistics for every champ – to get different rune styles for the champions you play the most

We’re a fan of using tools to augment your skill and 100% recommend them as we recognize the effect they have on your gameplay, fun, and experience in the game!

Using as your tier list for lol

Tier list GG is quickly becoming a comprehensive champion select tool, that will help you understand what strong picks there are at a glance. The simple and easy to use website offers every piece of detail that will be vital to your success and winning your LoL games.

While other websites offer you variety and a lot of data, looks to give you only what you need in a single view that you can ALT+TAB in and out of with a flick of the wrist. Literally.

Tier List GG’s mission is to make sure that you know the META and the most successful way to pick, play and build in League of Legends

Pick a champ, and stick with it

There are many different aspects to the game and selecting your champion is only one of them. For instance, you’ll need to focus on positioning, game phases, ganking, what your role is exactly, plays, terminology, communicating with your team and a lot more… What those things are exactly, is not as important as understanding that there are a lot of elements to consider in your game.

Why pick a champ and stick with it

When you do anything often, you build muscle memory and become familiar with smaller details and effects that ultimately will give you an edge in the game. If you play Lee Sin or Master Yi in Jungle, constantly, you will quickly learn that you know exactly where you want to go and how you’re going to start building that character. You will gain a sense of what you can do with your current level, team setup, and your current items. Like we said before, every champion has unique skills, abilities and play styles. If you can become a veteran with a particular champion in a small amount of time, you will see your skill quickly evolve.

Learn to know your play style

Just like in Strategy games where you can either sit in your base and build it up and attack once you’re done, vs. gathering the minimal amount of resources and sending out a little kill squad, League of Legends has its play styles.

After playing X amount of games, that will differ per person, you will realize what kind of player you are. Whether that’s aggressive, passive or somewhere in between, it’s good to know what your personal traits are on this top level, to adjust your behavior when it goes right and when it goes wrong.

Playstyle will also apply to how you want to play, and specifically who. If you like to go into a team fight first you may want to play a tank role. If you like dishing out high volume damage and enjoy the game of dodging and making high risk, high reward plays then maybe the ADC or Mid Lane role would suit you.

You will be able to define your play style better and sooner if you follow all above comments and particularly if you only select a handful of champions to learn!


When you’re playing, focus. It sounds simple but it’s what you need. If you want to achieve your best performance you need to find your peaceful zone and play. For some people that’s complete silence, for some it’s music and for others, it’s talking to teammates while playing. Rarely to never have we heard of other players being focussed while engaged in a different conversation or watching a movie on the side.

Use your focus to win. You will perform at your best if you are fully immersed in your game. Do not get distracted.

Practice makes perfect

There are really no shortcuts and as you already may have guessed before you typed into google “How to…”, practice makes perfect. Keep calm and just keep playing. If you play any champion 20 times, on the 21st time you will be 20 times better at that champion than any other that you haven’t played the same amount with. You will also be way more familiar with the games, strategies etc. and things that you didn’t know until that game, you will have the capacity to easily learn and adapt to that too.

To summarise

In short, if you have a great attitude in game and focus, with realistic expectations and use the right tools to augment your gameplay and learning experience, you will become great and climb in League of Legends. If you also keep your champion pool limited and take the time to ‘specialize’ in one of the characters, your knowledge of the game will improve vastly.

Enjoy the game and have fun

Play more. Have fun. Keep it cool. Use to help you pick the champ that won’t set you back because of the META.

Game on.