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Which champion should you main?

The burning question.. which champion should you main

In League of Legends, like any other game with a vast selection of characters, it is beneficial to play one champ more often than others, or as its commonly known, main a champ. Getting over the learning gap is easily conquered by not giving yourself too many challenges and having a main will allow you to expand your attention to other game mechanics that are necessary to compete with the best on the game.

Why you should select a main

The simple answer is… repetitiveness. If you do something that’s entirely new to you, you will need to learn every consequence in every single scenario. Whether that is using a skill, running this way, killing so many minions or even diving into a turret or team fight. If you have tackled these tasks many times before with the same champion and the same stats, you’ll know better what to expect coming out of it and whether that puts you in an advantageous position or not. If you can stick to one champion and learn the ins and outs of that champion then you will know exactly how to respond to almost every frequent situation that happens in the game.

Don’t forget the fun element though

Games are for fun (but really?) Yes, really. Remember to select a champion that fits your play style and position that you enjoy the most. Repetitiveness is only fun if you’re actually enjoying it, otherwise it can be the most tedious thing ever, like a 9 to 5 job for example… For most people that is.

But what if I get bored

If you get bored, pick up another champ and do a few normal games. If you’ve played it before then of course just jump into ranked but now that we have flex queue, for your biggest chances of winning you may want to pick a champ that you’re more familiar with so your other mechanics can improve more, like map awareness, team fights, baron and buff timings etc…

## How much will it actually help me
It will help you so much, that we actually even decided to write a blog article about it. Now that’s quite a bit. It’s no secret and I think by now you can start to understand the benefit of doing this. We think that if you’re a gamer looking for top results, investing into the game by being strict on what you learn and in which order is important to your progression and success.

Using a Tier List for LoL is a tool, that based on statistic, can tell you which champions are the most successful this patch and the previous. We collect data from the best players all over the world and compile their play styles into one. You can view builds, skill orders, spells and how to set up your rune page in one view. You can also see counters, synergies and who you should most likely ban if you’re playing a particular champion.

How should I factor into selecting my main

Statistically, some champions are better than others and while you should pick the champion that you enjoy most, if it’s one that is extremely underpowered, than you’re not maximising your chance of winning or playing within the current META with your team mates. If you monitor our tier list or other ones like us, you’ll be able to scope out which champions are constantly at the top of their game and perhaps you could pick one of those champions to be your main.


If you would like more in-depth feedback on who to select as your main, why don’t you drop us a line at [email protected] – We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the game or our website statistics!